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  • Model: ES108
  • Manufactured by: Essai


Safe, natural, non-invasive, offers impressive results from the very first treatment Provides an effective application that combines both PDT (Photo Diode Therapy) and micro-current technologies simultaneously.

Crystal-free dermabrasion for controlled and precise exfoliation without the mess and cost of aluminum oxide crystals.
Reduces wrinkles, scars and improves acne conditions
Refines skin texture, minimizes enlarged pores, lightens hyper pigmentation, and improves luminosity
Micro-current stimulation lifts muscle and skin tissue which results in a firmer, tighter appearance
PDT painlessly activates natural skin rejuvenation processes and speeds intracellular activity to repair damaged dermal tissue
Handheld probes delivers a broader range of micro-current due to the ultimate skin connectivity
- Microcurrent and LED Phototherapy penetrate deep into the skin
- Microcurrent stimulates a 500% increase in ATP
- LED Phototherapy prompts cell regeneration and intracellular activity
- Microcurrent stimulates deep muscular activity, improving skin tone
Convenient tabletop design allows for easy storage, transport, and use
2-sets of handheld probes allow therapist to administer treatment using gel as a conductor
Waterproof control panel, 1-touch selection of modalities
Pre-set treatment timer ensures consistent results
4 PDT light modes Red, Amber, Green, Blue
Graphic illustrates 500% dramatic increase in ATP production


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